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Professional, Integrity, Efficiency

Results Driven

Veteran Owned and Operated

ENCORE Empowerment International, LLC is a Leading Business-Management consulting firm founded in 2009, headquartered in Atlanta, GA. We believe in partnering with our clients to help them turn both short-term and long-term objectives into concrete results. We offer a broad range of professional consulting services, to include business solutions, professional and executive coaching, facilitative instruction, leadership development training, organizational development, and training.

Our work is customized to match the specific needs, culture, and desired outcomes of each client and we place great emphasis on improvement and maintaining high standards of professionalism, which is critical to the success of our client relationship. We are a bench mark of integrity, trust, and efficiency.

ENCORE Empowerment International specializes in helping our clients successfully develop and operationalize their business success strategies, as well as overall business productivity. We take great pride in being different - by offering our clients a fresh-innovative approach to business-management, leadership, marketing, and strategic planning. 



small to medium sized organizations seeking to improve bottom line results, and to lead in their industry


Federal, State & Local agencies seeking leadership development and training


individuals seeking personal and professional development, and impact expansion


The success of Encore Empowerment International, LLC and our clients is driven by our SEVEN CORE VALUES:

• Providing clients and staff with honest and truthful information - always

• Creating client-centered value

• Doing the right things, right - every time

• Taking care of our staff

• Building strong, long lasting relationships

• Having respect for all people and ideas

• Giving back to our communities


Dr. Debra Wright Owens is the CEO of Encore Empowerment International, LLC. She is committed to empowering individuals to bridge the gap between their “vision & reality”. She has over 35 years of professional career experience in the federal government sector corporate America, to include being a military veteran, where she served in management and leadership capacity - mentoring, coaching, and advising others. She has earned certifications in professional coaching, facilitative instruction, grant writing, performance accountability, business entrepreneurship, mediation and arbitration - to name a few. She holds a PhD in Business Administration and a Masters in Public Administration. Her natural and professional abilities and skillset combined, fully equips her to serve and help others grow, as well as set them on the path to productivity and maximizing potential.