Have your audience inspired and invoked to change and shift their viewpoint from average to extraordinaire.  "We show up to GIVE" your audience information, inspiration and empowerment that will advance them beyond where they currently are, engage them to think forward, level up and impact!  


Our personal and professional experience, which includes nonprofit platforms, corporations and sharing the stage with speaking greats Les Brown and Dr. Cheryl Wood, have equipped us to engage audiences from a stance of Authenticity. With a unique speaking style, we relate to audiences in a way that seems natural and not rehearsed, rushed or unaware. There is always something in every speech for every attendee. 


If you're looking to be EMPOWERED and MOVED from mediocre to champion and mastery level mindset, then we welcome the opportunity to GIVE back on your platform. We are available for speaking to organizations, universities/colleges, conferences, retreats, and special events. 

  • Mastering The Art of You
  • Vision In Action: Beyond the Vision Board
  • Disrupt Your Comfort Zone
  • Winning Against All Odds

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With your request, please be as specific as possible with the details about the event, the expected audience, location of event and speaker budget if applicable.

“Your greatness is not what you have, but in what you give.” -Alice Hocker

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