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Dr. Debra Wright Owens is an Executive Leadership Coach, best-selling Author, Speaker and Minister, whose been gifted by God to Inspire, Inform, and EMPOWER individuals to maximize their potential and be successful in their lane, on their terms. With a unique ability to get to the CORE of the matter, she is committed to empowering individuals to bridge the gap between their “vision & reality”, and get on track to LIVE the life that they truly desire to live - on purpose!

She has over 33 years of professional career experience in federal sector corporate America, to include being a military veteran, where she served in management and leadership capacity -mentoring, coaching, and advising others. She has earned certifications in professional coaching, facilitative instruction, grant writing, performance accountability, business entrepreneurship, mediation and arbitration - to name a few. She also holds a PhD in Business Administration and a Masters in Public Administration. Her natural and professional abilities and skillset combined, fully equips her to serve and help others grow, as well as set them on the path to living vision and purpose! 


By far, her greatest accomplishment is being mother to her two angels, Jasmin and Marius! They are truly gifts that keep on giving. When she's not informing, inspiring and empowering others to do and be MORE, you can find her exploring the world through reading and research, hidden behind the pages of a good book, perfecting a great recipe or nurturing her future billionaire philanthropic ambitions.